Welcome to CollegeData Counselor Resources! Will your students get into their first-choice college? What will it cost them? Will your students be able to balance their social and academic life while there? These are some of the many questions they may have as they start thinking about college. CollegeData can help you help them answer these and other questions they may have on their road to and through college.

With CollegeData, you can help your students find the colleges that are right for them, calculate their admissions chances, discover who’s getting in where and how they compare, understand the true out-of-pocket costs of college, calculate and compare the amount of financial aid your students may be eligible to receive at each college, explore scholarships, learn about important testing dates and application deadlines, and more!

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College search

Search 2,000+ colleges by location, size, selectivity, cost, and major or lookup by name. Detailed college profiles.


Admissions Tracker

See who got in where. View the qualifications and decisions of thousands of real students. Now with SCATTERGRAMS, advanced filtering & real-time newsfeed.


EFC Calculator

Calculate EFC to see how much colleges expect a family to contribute toward college costs. Help put parents on the path to financial aid literacy.


Financial Aid Tracker

See who's getting financial aid at any school and how your students compare. View the financial aid awards of thousands of real students and see how much students like yours received.


College Chances

Estimate a student's broad chances of admission to any college. Reinforce the importance of applying to a broad range of schools.


Scholarship Finder

Help students find money for college. Search 595,000 awards worth $4.5 billion using qualifications and keywords.


Net Price Calculator

Look past the sticker price. Estimate the true out-of-pocket cost to attend any college. Get individualized results based on financial aid eligibility.


Compare Awards

View financial aid awards side-by-side and see which college offers the best deal. Get a detailed comparison, including the estimated cost of degree at each college.

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Counselor's Guide to CollegeData

Find out how you can use CollegeData's free tools and resources with your students to help them prepare, apply, and pay for college.


Find out which colleges use the Common Application and see the application deadlines and requirements of your favorite colleges all in one place.


From choosing colleges to financial aid, our 200 in-depth articles offer accurate, up-to-date information and expert advice.

The Road to College

Understand why it's important to go to college and what milestones to reach along the way.

The Facts on Fit

Evaluate tuition costs, majors, courses, and campus life to find a good fit.

Explore Your Options

Learn more about colleges that could be a good fit or find new colleges that are right.

Prepare & Apply

How to strengthen chances of admission plus application basics, tips, and advice.

Getting In

Navigate the twists and turns of the application process.


Tips, recommendations, and resources to help you keep up with the changing college admissions landscape amidst COVID-19.

Pay Your Way

Understanding college costs and how to pay for college, applying for financial aid and find scholarships.

Student Stories

See what real students have to say about the ups and downs of getting into college.

Campus Life

Find a balance between academic and social life. Explore opportunities to learn and grow beyond the classroom.

Money Matters

Keep track of and learn how to manage your money in college wisely.

Study Break

Taking a break from studies may alleviate stress and make college more enjoyable and balanced.

Study Abroad

Tips for finding the right colleges with the right programs.