Welcome to CollegeData’s video page dedicated to our introduction and “How To” videos. Here you can learn about the various tools and resources we offer including College Search, College Chances, and our mobile app! These resources are designed to help you on your way to and through college.

1FBUSA has provided the CollegeData® service for almost 25 years. In the same way we hope that CollegeData will be valuable to you as you prepare for college, we hope 1FBUSA will be helpful to you as you begin to learn financial independence and responsibility. For more information, please see our financial literacy page.


All the CollegeData Tools You Know and Love, Now on Mobile!

CollegeData's mobile app includes new and improved features to help you search and compare over 2,000 college profiles, see your chances of getting into any of those colleges with our College Acceptance Calculator, and help you prepare, apply, and pay for college!

CollegeData's mobile app provides access to important college application and testing deadlines and access to thousands of scholarship awards worth over $5 billion through our Scholarship Finder.

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College Search is an easy starting point for you to begin searching for colleges.

Search 2,000+ colleges by name or personal preferences, including location, size, cost, acceptance rates, majors, diversity level, graduation rates, sports, freshman satisfaction, and more. Also search by "financially friendly" factors including average financial need met, average student debt, and percentage of students getting merit aid. Look up any college by name.

College profiles include enrollment and class size; admission rates, deadlines, and requirements; GPAs and test scores of recently enrolled freshman; costs, average financial aid awards; academic programs; campus life; athletics; housing policies; graduation and retention rates; and more.


Estimate your chances of admission to any of the 2,000+ colleges listed on CollegeData.

College Chances compares data about you (GPA, test scores, etc.) with qualifications of freshman recently enrolled in the colleges you are interested in, plus other admissions factors considered by the college.


Find scholarships that are looking for students with academic qualifications, interests and personal characteristics like yours.

Search thousands of scholarship awards worth over $5 billion!


See who got in where and how you compare.

Compare your qualifications to the qualifications of thousands of real students who were admitted, denied, and waitlisted at the colleges you are considering. See who else is applying. Find trends through multi-year scattergrams, advanced filtering and other interactive features that make it easy to see where you stand.


Find in-depth articles about how to choose, prepare, apply, and pay for college.

Also find information about admissions, financial aid, the transition to college, campus life, careers, and other topics such as weathering the changing college landscape after COVID-19.